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Wang: I thought piano say it

Today, my Italian neighbors asked me and I did not even care about this type of dessert.Today the ingredient responds positively.
ripe honey muffins
tasty dessert wish you friends!!! ❤
ingredient < br> 350 g p / 150 g of sugar
2 eggs flour
(room temperature)
70 g of sunflower oil
3 cachi 3 to install a modul Lo-sized ripe persimmon
30 g of chocolate drops (you have added them)
1 g of lemon zest
baking powder sugar pinch salt

1) cup of egg Beat in sugar and, until apuvdeba, + oil + fork dachletili skinless ripe persimmon, + lemon zest, + p / flour + baking powder.
2) finished 24-26 cm radius of the mass, then fill in the form (in this case the use of silicone MAF Knee Form) form tsavupinot parchment 3) bake at 180 degrees in the heated oven for 40/50 minutes (depending on the oven check out the wooden sticks) cold movatsrat sugar powder Replica Hermes
——————- ————————–
personally my mapinebs took 25 minutes, so the track is a classic mass furnace temperatura❤️
mapinis thick.

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LOS ANGELES: You just mentioned the emotional drama director Kuo Yung looks good, then you do not need this to be ready to have a good love is?
Leehom Wang: Playing the piano, what kind of piano? Sina Entertainment: talk and talk.

Wang: I thought piano say it, love is, this is an age drama, the poet Shall the way, with most people probably are not the same now.

LOS ANGELES: What’s different?
Leehom Wang: I now know, but can not disclose too much. Replica Hermes Bags

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