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Veterinarians are believed to be four times more likely to

+ Put the fruit in the molten jelly.. (I’ve made apples and oranges). With a spoon a little bit of cottage cheese. Likewise, many dogs don’t want to be pet by strangers. The best way to judge if a situation is safe is simply to thank people when they do ask, « May I pet your dog? » Reward this behavior in humans, and more people will do it. And we will all be rewarded by creating a world where there are fewer dead puppies to cry about..

Fake Hermes Bags Dr. Yin’s passing has been a cataclysmic event in the animal training and veterinary community and is sparking some important conversations about the prevalence of depression among those who care for animals (Jessica Dolce wrote a great post on « compassion fatigue »), and specifically among vets. Veterinarians are believed to be four times more likely to commit suicide than people in other professions. Fake Hermes Bags

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