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If the onlay or inlay is made in a dental laboratory, a temporary is fabricated while the restoration is custom made for the patient. A return visit is then required to fit the final prosthesis. Inlays and onlays may also be fabricated out of porcelain and delivered the same day utilizing techniques and technologies relating to CAD/CAM dentistry.[7][8].

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In 1988 ASMs were fired by both American and Iranian forces in Operation Praying Mantis in the Persian Gulf. During this naval battle, several Iranian warships were hit by American ASMs (and by the US Navy’s Standard missiles SAMs which were doing double duty in the anti ship role). The US Navy hit the Iranian Navy light frigate IS Sahand with three Harpoon missiles, four AGM 123 Skipper rocket propelled bombs, a Walleye laser guided bomb, and several 1 Replica Handbags,000 « iron bombs ».

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