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The ultimately conclusion was they couldn’t prove intent which

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Canada Goose Jackets This is, sadly, the most wrongheaded thing one could say about CPS a program which, in its current state, SHOULD be feared. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose coats Understaffed and underpaid agents (and therefore not a career which attracts and can retain our best and brightest, mostly, though with a few saintly exceptions) due to our own reluctance to pay sufficient taxes? Too much bureaucracy due to a holier than thou tendency to overempower and overinflate assumptions in law making? The default assumption of guilt driving the process, including (in certain cases) removal immediately at the ACCUSATION level, before anyone has decided what is or is not unfounded? canada goose coats

Canada Goose Outlet Hell, I fear CPS, and I a teacher charged with referring kids/parents to it through mandated reporting laws. Not ONE of the kids or parents or families I ever referred to CPS was treated with 100% goodwill, safe assumptions, or even respect throughout the process. canada goose coats Many were Canada Goose Coats On Sale treated like shit, and didn deserve it. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket Our society needs fixing. Until we are willing to fix buy canada goose jacket cheap it, CPS is like an UZI it should always be feared, and used sparingly. buy canada goose jacket

Mostly CPS doesn want to remove a kid because it costs the state a shit ton more money. Areas have different guidelines for what constitutes removal or cheap Canada Goose even an actionable complaint.

Inside my city there could be an actionable complaint and 30 minutes down the road to a more rural area it would just get documented.

cheap Canada Goose While it sounds like you had bad experiences I think you over generalizing to a wild canada goose outlet degree. Removal before anything is founded makes sense. Do you keep a kid in a house where he may get his ass whooped even more? There no perfect answer to this shit. cheap Canada Goose

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canada goose coats on sale Removal before anything is founded makes sense. Do you keep a kid in a house where he may get his ass whooped even more? canada goose coats on sale

canadian goose jacket The problem, though, is that means that since ANYONE can submit a report, pretty much canada goose coats on sale anyone can CAUSE a family and child to be separated for ANY reason if they willing to lie just to be vindictive. canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance This is an canada goose clearance sale acceptable loss for you in the name of protection? What ever happened to a justice system founded specifically on the presumption of innocence, for good reason? canada goose clearance

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Canada Goose online The American Canada Goose Outlet press has been cowed by conservatives working the refs. When it comes to every system we have in Canada Goose Online society for determining what cheap canada goose uk is true or what is relevant science, journalism, academia, judges, tech algorithms, the fucking FBI conservatives freak out like babies losing their Binky until they corrupt the system to reflect the views THEY want it to. Canada Goose online

James Comey criticizing Hillary actions even as canada goose uk shop he Canada Goose sale found no wrongdoing? Then Comey releasing info on the briefly re opened case into Clinton, even though he knew canada goose black friday sale Jason Chaffetz would immediately leak it to https://www.pick-canadagoose.com influence the election? Both instances of Republicans working the refs. Comey primary worry was being seen buy canada goose jacket as being too pro Hillary, so he over corrected and inadvertently threw the election to Trump.

Canada Goose Parka Facebook knew that there were fake news pages throughout 2016, but they didn shut canada goose factory sale them down because they knew conservatives were already freaking out about the « trending news » bar being curated. Conservatives had already managed to shut it down. Now that Facebook is going to publishing news itself, Fox is going to be twice canada goose as prominent as any other organization? canada goose clearance Why? Working the refs. Canada Goose Parka

Any system in society designed to be fair is attacked as biased against them. Shit, we used to have a rule in this country that you had to give equal time to both sides of an issue if you were presenting it in the broadcast news, because there was a sense that the airwaves were public and news had a higher duty to report objectively. Guess who overturned it, allowing the ascent of right wing talk radio? Ronald Regan. That law? The Fairness Doctrine. Guess who whined and uk canada goose screamed about it being unfair until they got their way? Conservatives.

canada goose black friday sale Fuck canada goose uk outlet these whiny brats. Fuck kowtowing to their constant screaming and moaning. They now corroded our entire system. We going to have to reclaim it from them, and we going to have to ignore their world is ending freakout fest when they don get their way just because truth, accuracy, and fairness isn on their side. canada goose black friday sale

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For the record, James Comey did not come to the conclusion that Clinton did nothing wrong. In fact it wasn’t his call to press charges. Lynch declined to canadian goose jacket press charges. The ultimately conclusion was they couldn’t prove intent which is what was important for the specific law.

Clinton more than likely broke the law but it Canada Goose online was never going to be proven without a reasonable doubt. Comey definitely over corrected but he also knew that the emails were going to be leaked and he wanted to control the narrative. It was almost more of a protective measure.

canada goose I don’t think he was perfect in Canada Goose Parka how he handled election shit but I don’t think think there was anyone that was going to come out of that looking impartial. canada goose

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canada goose clearance sale Christ sake would you people that don know crap about medicine stop trying to teach? canada goose clearance sale

You wrong. Bipolar disorder has manic episodes and depressive episodes. Bipolar depression defines only the latter. During depressive episodes (uni or bipolar) is very rare to see risk seeking behavior, unless it canada goose store happens during a mixed state, in which elements of mania and depression intertwine.