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The brain is nothing to be messed with

Grandma’s apple pie: the recipe for making it
FLOUR TYPE 00 300 g •
WATER 130 ml

Preheat the oven at 180 ° In a planetary (but also in a bowl with electric whips or by hand) whipped the Hermes Replica Purse eggs with sugar for at least 10 minutes (1), meanwhile peeled and grated an apple (2) coarsely and sliced ​​the remaining covering one and the other with the juice of a lemon so as not to make them
At this point add to the mixture, one spoon at a time, first the flour sifted with the yeast (4) and then the grated apple to which you will have added also the grated lemon peel (5). Pour into a mold, cover the surface with the slices of apples and sprinkle first with a little ‘lemon peel and then with brown sugar (6). Bake for about 50.

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