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So for that reason I will probably never invest in BCH unless

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So I have 0 vested interest in both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash (other than the fact that every other coin is tied to Bitcoin’s fate atm). I have not been following the BTC vs BCH feud closely. Here’s my perspective as a relative outsider. At the very least, it Canada Goose online feels like a douchey move. And I don’t want to invest in a canada goose douchey team or brand. So for that reason I will probably never invest in BCH unless I’m proven they’re not douchey.

On the other hand, BTC devotees seem to act canada goose outlet parka superior Canada Goose Outlet as hell. Their technology feels like the MySpace of the cheap canada goose uk crypto world at this point. It’s old news. It’s boring. For that reason, I will probably never invest in canada goose outlet shop BTC directly.

In any case, all else aside canada goose black friday sale there is too much shit talking and misinformation flying back and forth (with a lot of money on the line) to make me feel comfortable getting Canada Goose sale near either.

So for now, I’m just enjoying canada goose outlet watching the canada goose coats on sale 2 dirty dogs fight from a distance.

Honestly, it not that idiotic of a strategy the way uk canada goose outlet I see this playing out.

Time and time again we seen supporters will buy into whatever rhetoric he feeds. And the more canada goose outlet toronto factory agressive he dishes it out, the more his canada goose outlet store base digs in.

Hiding and denying in light of new evidence gives the opposition the upper hand. By acting canada goose outlet uk sale like this was some terrible thing he needs to hide from puts him in a bad spot. It makes him seem weak, and paints the picture something canada goose uk shop seriously illegal happened.

Putting it out publicly canada goose outlet sale and saying « So what? Lots of wealthy and famous people do this. It wasn illegal » flips the power dynamic. It supports what his political base has been saying about this the whole time. And suddenly canada goose uk black friday the onus is on he opposition to prove that this was even shady at all.

It not like Canada Goose Coats On Sale this is the first presidential sex scandal.

I don’t think it has Canada Goose Online official canada goose outlet anything to do with the canada goose buy canada goose jacket outlet nyc tunnel collapse tbh. It killed some scientists but they still demonstrated they had working nukes after that. And they still had the leverage in negotiations. I think it was their plan all along canada goose uk outlet once they showed canada goose outlet new york city the world they had nukes that worked, they’d first threaten to use em, and then quickly back down. cheap Canada Goose Their best bet was to play crazy with canada goose outlet uk their fingers around the button canada goose jacket outlet and then use that as canada goose outlet online canada goose store uk leverage in talks with canada goose clearance the south. Those nukes goose outlet canada were always intended to be used as a bargaining chip. canada goose factory sale The most useful thing about them was the ability to dismantle canada goose outlet in usa them in exchange for political Canada Goose Parka and economic concessions

I think the trend is most people are less interested in the vast amount of garbage being put out on cable TV these days compared to what they charge. You have what were canada goose outlet black friday once good channels each now broken into half a dozen channels. And sooo much endless canada goose outlet store uk shit. And streaming services like canada goose coats HBO Netflix and Amazon are producing a lot of the good content.

The primary reason many keep cable is for sports. But the NFLs viewership canada goose outlet canada is even tanking via Cable networks. Eventually it will transition to a streaming service

But for most people, cooking shows and HGTV probably aren worth the $100 uk canada goose they pay for them. Especially canada goose outlet online when you can find a lot of canada goose black friday sale good content online these days. Eventually those networks will transition to full streaming services too.

Personally me and my girlfriend dont have cable canadian goose jacket in any form. Haven missed it at all tbh. We watch Netflix canada goose factory outlet series and some movies, then I use my Amazon prime subscription for other movies. If there an Canada Goose Jackets individual canada goose clearance sale show we want to canada goose outlet jackets watch like GoT we get HBO for a month or two. Usually there free trial month buy canada goose jacket cheap options anyway.

Any other show we typically either don watch, or just wait and the netwoeks post the seasons on their website for steaming.

Overall I just don even watch much TV canada goose outlet reviews these cheap canada goose days compared to what I used to. And https://www.canadagooseparks.com when I do I usually binge watching Netflix series at my own pace without wasting my life watching commercials.