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She explained that one of the reasons her kids turned out so

The latest one to be added is Banglalink, where they added 35 canadagoosejacketca lakh customers out there.Yes, when you talk of value trap, here the net worth of the company, they do not have any debt. So net worth of the company is about Rs 560 crore and that is the marketcap of the company. The company is making profits; at least I expect it to show about 3.5 EPS for FY18 and about 4.8 for FY19 unless they end up with huge loss then it could be a value trap otherwise I do not see any downside from here and it is a worthwhile risk at these levels because if things work out it can easily move to levels of Rs 80 or more than that.Prakash Diwan on JHS Svendgaard Laboratories: The stock is kind of known but has been on and off on most investors’ radar for good reasons because the company was always a contract manufacturer, it tried getting into its own brands and even today it has been 16 percent coming from its own toothbrush brand but it didn’t do well and they realised that distribution, marketing is very high cost, so they stick to doing it for the market leaders.

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