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Sasha Iglehart, deputy fashion director at Glamour, says

The breast is a deep maroon, with two black and white belly stripes. The back is a deep brown, and the wings have a green blue speculum1. The female is a more drab brown, with a distinctive white eye spectacle, extending to the back of the head as a white stripe.

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replica handbags china « When you are talking about fall and winter, fur protects you from the cold, and the whole hunter and gatherer’ thing seems right for the season, and it can look modern and edgy. »This season, instead of a thick, cozy coat a coveted status symbol for generations the fashion trend is toward knit or tightly sheared furs, or just a puff of fur on accessories. It’s a marriage of sportswear and sophistication that caters to modern day to night, workwear to weekend wardrobes.Sasha Iglehart, deputy fashion director at Glamour, says economics is still a factor, and that is now seen as a plus for fur. »I think there are two issues, maybe you’re going to splurge and get something super chic and warm, and then fur can be the one thing you buy, » she says. « Or, you figure you can wear a fur jacket over jeans or a dress so you’ll get a lot of use out of it. »Wearing fur is a personal choice, but whether you prefer faux or real fur, it’s a fashionable way to stay warm, she says. »Last year, when it was so bitter cold, you saw everyone with fur trapper hats on. replica handbags china

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