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That why they want you to farm mid and late game. It too easy to just spam 500 wood moncler sale and take no damage because nobody has the ammo to pressure you. Being able to constantly churn out 500 moncler uk outlet wood spam cover is overpowered because there isn that much ammo in the game. Now you have to swing that axe midgame and expose yourself because you won be getting those huge wood piles after every kill anymore. You actually have to think now before you spam click wood everywhere. Running and jumping around everywhere is more risky now because you can become multitargeted and run out of wood. It leads to more thoughtful cheap moncler coats mens play moncler outlet online vs just, I get shot, I spam wood everywhere to escape or advance. They cheapmoncler have discount moncler jackets to give a shit because their 180 spin into ramps will use more of their wood pool percentage than before. After doing things like that a few times cheap moncler jackets mens they be forced to farm or play without cheap moncler sale materials faster than before, best moncler jackets thereby exposing them by moncler sale outlet forcing them to make noise/show that they low moncler online store on mats, which is the whole point of the nerf: to make building more of a thoughtful moncler sale online descision than just endless spam. Now late game after a few kills like that they have to play smarter with their mats instead of just spamming as much as possible. If they ramp moncler outlet sale up a mountain expending resources and uk moncler sale then moncler outlet store start again ramping mid fight they going to end up running out of resources faster, rewarding the player who walked up the mountain ahead cheap moncler jackets of time (riskier) to conserve resources. The nerf improves gameplay by making building actually have a real cost, because it extremely powerful due to it granting shielding+mobility. You should be running out of mats of you use them a uk moncler outlet lot, just like you run out of bullets when you shoot a lot. It makes noise and shows the object shaking, giving away your position. Now farming is part of late game gameplay and makes things that much more interesting. People who didn cheap moncler jackets womens risk themselves either farming early game moncler outlet woodbury (and giving up looting time), or going moncler outlet prices for kills for moncler usa materials, will be low on mats end game. Or if they spent time farming, they will be lower on ammo. This makes it harder to be a completely passive player who just farms, loots, and runs from the edge of the map into riskier zones with a full load out, because farming takes more time now. Wood is in a good spot now. People cheap moncler jackets with high ammo counts, who killed many people, can drain you of mats as you moncler womens jackets just spam cover now. Forces you to think about your approach now, instead of just running everywhere spamming ramps and walls. Getting into a big fight and trying to secure big ammo/mat pools is more important now and forces interaction between players. It was boring when you could moncler outlet camp back on the edge with high ammo counts and 999 wood because it took no time to farm. Now to farm that much wood, your looting is going to suffer, so it a trade off. Wood is balanced now.

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