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Chloe Handbags Replica Nick Cluley and his wife, who have always paid their Coffee Public employees more than minimum wage, have boosted everyone pay by $1.25 an hour since Jan. 1 not just those earning below $14, as a new Ontario law required.They did that avoid tensions that might come from more experienced people, you know, being crunched right up against the same salary as someone that just started, he said.The new starting wage is $14.75, though the staff average is closer to $15.45, he said, adding they raised prices by about 10 per cent on everything they serve in their Toronto and Port Hope, Ont., shops.From small mom and pop shops to a discount retail giant, there are already examples of companies that have bumped the hourly pay for employees who were making close to the new $14 an hour minimum suggesting Ontario recent minimum wage hike is affecting more than just the lowest paid workers.Kathleen Wynne to Tim Hortons franchisees: Stop using employees as ‘pawns’ in minimum wage fightMost Ontarians back minimum wage hike, say it will benefit the economyTim Hortons getting ‘dragged through the mud’ and iconic brand isn’t doing anything to stop itThere little question that a minimum wage hike in Ontario will have a up effect to raise wages for other workers, said Bernard Wolf, a professor emeritus at York University Schulich School of Business in Toronto.question is simply how much and how pervasive that is, he said, adding it likely a considerable number of employers in Ontario where the minimum wage rose to $14 on Jan. 1, 2018 will make such a move.That ripple effect through the economy comes as employees who find minimum wage has now risen close to what they earning ask for raises to reflect their comparative skill level, Wolf said, or because their cost of living has increased as the price of goods goes up to offset the higher labour cost.For employers already making the move, they benefit from positioning themselves as the good guy compared to other companies that raised the ire of consumers for clawing back employee benefits and other perks instead, he said.Union Local 613 co owner Ivan Gedz raised wages for all his kitchen staff to $16 in November, after realizing his Ottawa eatery could not only meet the new minimum in January, but surpass it.The raises, which amount to between 50 cents and as much as $4 per hour depending on the employee, reflect Gedz belief in equality and because he realized the situation presented an opportunity to be an industry leader, he said. Chloe Handbags Replica

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