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Many geese are permanent residents here

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Replica Handbags It has a pond, it has vegetation, it has bugs and that’s what they like to eat. They like to nest next to water. » said Melanie Coulter, Natural Resources Manager for the Olander Park System.Many geese are permanent residents here, but their numbers are getting a bit too big.During nesting season, some park goers are greeted by an over protective parent, ready to ruffle a few feathers. Which is why the park system hired Ohio Geese Control from the Cleveland area to thin out, but not eliminate the goose population. »The last thing they want is to be run down by that male if you get too close to the nest. » said Jeff Hower, Co founder of Ohio Geese Control.Trained border collies approach the geese on land in a predatory posture, scaring the geese off. Replica Handbags

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