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makes cool class fantasy IMO

I threw together a few rough concepts for 4th specs of current classes to see how they might turn out

People were mostly playing hunter because they canada goose coats wanted to be ranged dps so the existing hunters weren interested in the class.People are mostly playing rogues and mages to be DPS, though. Would adding a healing spec really entice existing players or would it just be survival all over again where it like, « no thanks, that not what I signed up for. »?Also, I would argue that there are enough tanks and healers. They are already having a hard enough time differentiating the existing tanks, and while some of the healing specs have well defined personalities, you also end buy canada goose jacket up with things like cheap Canada Goose MW monks where they basically « resto druid lite ».Ranged DPS I canada goose clearance sale could get behind. That what I was really hoping the rogue revamp would be, but we got outlaw.As for the Ranged Paladin, I think it the surprise of seeing a Crossbow Pally that has canada goose uk outlet me Canada Goose Parka so enthralled. People have suggested a holy light dps Paladin for years, but something about a light user wielding a rifle, crossbow, or bow seems really abstract and unique.On that note, as a Warrior, I always secretly wished for a Rifleman/Artillery spec. Playing the Warrior with a rifle in canada goose clearance Guild Wars 2 has forever tainted me with delusions of grandeur. ()Many people in the Death Knight community (including Skullflower who now works for blizz) have discussed a spec like this. This particular make up for ranged DK spec feels way too warlock for me.DK filler abilities shouldn have cast times. I think the DK should swing his/her sword and do ranged attacks. In Canada Goose Online effect making them a bit more hunter than mage like canada goose black friday sale in how the abilities function. A lot of GW2 heroes have attacks like this and it works. The GW2 Reverent in particular a ghost version of its hammer at enemies. canada goose store It canadian goose jacket never occured to me that a conceptualized Ranged Pally would use a bow. I always thought that they have to be a Holy Caster, which always kind of bummed me out because it nothing too fresh. To have him equip a bow is pure genius! I also love how Apothecary works out, but the issue with concept rogue specs is that, although they reach the resemblance of a rogue, they don quite hit the theme. Bard, Gunslingers, and Apothecarys don really have the theme of sneaking in the shadows and assassinating their target, then being able to swiftly and quietly escape. They don have the theme YET I should say, as there is always a way around it. I sure canada canada goose on sale goose factory sale you can come up with a way to incorporate it into your ideas! Wonderful job overall.Personally, I am working uk canada goose outlet on a large scale Necromancer DK Spec that is on the backburner for now canada goose uk black friday (I be finishing it up for this sub after a concept project I am doing with League of Legend Fiddlesticks). But for when the time comes, may I ask a question regarding what you used to Canada Goose Jackets create the pictures buy canada goose jacket cheap themselves? I really love the design for the abilities and would like to use something similar.Edit: Fellow discussions uk canada goose from others have me proven Canada Goose sale wrong! For the longest time, I always thought that Rogues literally meant sneaky assassins. Thank you guys for opening my eyes! An apothecary can definitely be a rogue, and I full on support it!These all seem cool! I know people who have thought about warlock getting a cloth tank spec when Canada Goose Coats On Sale they got metamorphosis. Also, shaman actually having a tank spec, given what Rockbiter Weapon used to do, would make some sense.However, I sad that mage has cornered the time flavour. I always wanted canada goose uk shop a new hero class to be « Timewalker » or something similar, where you a bronze dragon in mortal form (so can pick any race, but get glowy eyes like DKs, and a flight form transformation like druids). Healing would be HoT/damage delays (« reversing the damage »), tanking would be similar to brewmaster by delaying damage, and DPS would be fast melee/sandblasting for range. Time manipulation would also allow for all kinds of Canada Goose Outlet cool utility! Naturally, they be mail wearers because we probably need more of those. Plus, it means the tanks are agility based, which I think likely makes sense. (Dodging due to being able to short term predict time/speed yourself up/slow enemies down etc. makes cool class fantasy IMO.)I love to see an « aspect » canada goose https://www.thebeatlestimeline.com class/race combo. We cheap canada goose uk already got demon hunters that are race restricted and pandaren can be on both factions.Have the remaining dragons on Azeroth see that they increasingly incapable of protecting their home and handling their Titan appointed task, but they seeing that we (the mortal, adventuring races) are continually kicking ass and taking names. So they come together in one final draconic moot type thing and imbue a bunch of different powers into a new generation of dragonkin, three or four specs pulling from all the aspects (a la the Nexus fights where everybody rode dragons with abilities), but with appearances that can take after any aspect. So you can canada goose coats on sale customize your scale color, horns, yada yada. They assigned to go out and help the Canada Goose online Horde and Alliance together because obviously the world needs both factions to either band together in times of dire emergencies or keep the other in check during peacetimes.

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