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Street vendors accused women of defying cultural norms and attacked them this week in Lilongwe and Blantyre, two of the nation’s largest cosmopolitan centers. »They beat them up and stripped them naked, claiming they did not follow the tradition, » said Seodi White, a rights activist and protest organizer. « Attacking women in trousers is an outrage. We are a democracy, they’re taking us back to the dark ages. »Protesters wore pants, miniskirts and leggings in a show of solidarity as they gathered to condemn the attacks.Others wore white T shirts that said: « Today we buy your merchandize, tomorrow you strip us naked! » Written in the local Chichewa language, the words were a reference to the vendors carrying out the attacks, organizers said. »Women have a right to wear what they want, » White said by phone from a protest in the commercial capital of Blantyre.

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