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In came the selfie stick, still the most divisive popular

[Running people. Wong Wing-yee] from running Make life story of fighting have run only regret
Well, to each section after the game, exhausted, jaded « body » seems like the animated film « Inside Out » – like, constantly trying to pull Stopping my own feet and crying repeatedly in my mind: « Stop and stop for a leisurely breakfast, which is much more comfortable. » However, the body was very honest, and at another very same time, another voice appeared in my mind, Intention to stop « body ». This is the « will. » « Never stop! Hard for a long time Just for this moment, be sure to finish the race! Can not give up! »
This struggle and torment, many runners have experienced, but it is precisely this experience, will gradually grasp The dominance of the body.

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Last year, gourd pier is a national marathon ~ I was transformed into a value star squad leader, because I was behind 586 Brigade Brigade even with the squad retired squad leader last year, I reported half a horse, the results of my long-distance Association told me that the whole horse, Had to bite the bullet to finish the race ~ okay ~ nothing to do the training program is safe and smooth finish race, but also after the armored brigade site area… Still miss ~ ~ only fly in the ointment is the fly in the ointment ~ It seems that the organizer has never planned a dedicated parking lot for athletes. That is to say, for many consecutive years, many running friends put the car everywhere and never indicated where the parking lot was.

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