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In addition they can only tolerate low applied voltages

When they revised the design with cheaper metals and plastics these became a worthless piece of junk. This one will last many years and be very useful. Don’t waste your money on the newer ones with the plastic knobs.

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Finally decided to go back to his office when he gets there he sits on a seat seat > and back to the table and facing the
to the window glass

Secretary: young master? (sound from the back)
Cowo: what’s up? (without seeing it)
sekertaris: there is a girl wants to inter
with you?
Cowo: let him in! Secretary: good.
Cewe: sorry. Young man I want
apply for Cowo work: I like to recognize this sound
(in the heart of speech)
cowo: here no vacancies
Tpi klo in my house being on need
a queen (while turning on the chair and
look at the woman)
girl: (crying) where are you going

Cowo: 5 this year I go because I want to < br> looking for this to make you happy
what do you still love me?
girl: i always love you and wait for you for cowo: me too?
girls: can i work for
our love affair is delayed cowo: of course dear!!
They hugged long enough to release the homesick

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