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I hope I have been useful in this recipe

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Hermes Belt Replica Good morning group
I give you a recipe for quick croissants
What am I saying!!! Velocissimiimi
500 gr of 00 flour
250 gr of cold butter cut into small pieces (excellent quality)
A pinch of Hermes Replica salt and 2 jars of natural yogurt
A pinch of salt
Put in a mixer
Sifted flour
Butter and small pieces
A pinch of salt
And the 2 jars of natural yogurt
You can do it with the bimby I have with a mixer
Azionate, m not too much must form a ball
Tifare and work it quickly, and let rest in the fridge 1 oretta covered with tissue paper
Once you have rested cut and divide the parts
Fate dei da 24 / 26 diameter
Fate 8 triangles
Nutella, jam, custard, I have Nutella
They are also exceptional in salted stuffed, with ham Sausage, cheese etc.
Cooking 20/25 minutes at 180 degrees depends on the oven
Excellent for birthdays for children
It will be a success, with little you can achieve a lot of time… I hope I have been useful in this recipe, especially for women who work and have little time
With this beautiful recipe, you can satisfy your loved ones with very little time
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