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Hell, canadian goose jacket you can even stack them with the

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Mechanically he a circle of the shepard druid that gets up in Canada Goose Jacket melee with Primal Savegery, Studded armour and a shield. Throwing around heals when needed canada goose uk black friday and using some control spells. canada goose black friday sale His spirit animal is used to give everyone temporary HP in encounters, including himself.

Thematically he Canada Goose Parka a former canada goose Dwarf « Tunnel Runner », basically a solo tunnel scout that uses canada goose outlet sale beast shapes to turn into badgers and dig out tunnels.

Rage during large canada goose coats on sale encounters, either canada goose outlet online uk with multiple enemies or dangerous ones. You can already survive Canada Goose sale as well as a fighter can canada goose outlet uk without raging, the extra damage resistance comes in handiest when canada goose black friday sale facing multiple enemies or ones that hit like a truck.

Frenzy Canada Goose Jackets you typically only want to do once per day, canada goose factory outlet the cost uk canada goose is real high canada goose jacket outlet if you use canada goose outlet online it canada goose outlet jackets early on and have a bunch of canada goose outlet canada skill challenges later on. It also takes a long rest canada goose factory sale to Canada Goose online alleviate a single point of exhaustion so having multiple points is never a good idea, though if you have multiple days travelling or resting between fights it becomes a non issue.

Reckless attack requires a bit of forethought to using. canada goose outlet reviews The advanage is very handy if you can take a hit from the opponent. Not so much when you get surrounded and now have 3 or 4 opponents wailing on you, even with resistances it wears you down.

As for feats, I pick canada goose outlet parka ones that support your preffered style.

Want to wave around a huge axe or greatsword? Great weapon master is amazing. Want to go for a sword and shield? Dropping to a shortsword and canada goose clearance sale making use of defensive duelist can be quite handy, seeing as the rage damage makes up the canada goose store difference for dropping from a longsword

Plan canada goose outlet new york city to take a lot of hits? Tough stacks real well though I max Con first if you going that route.

Mobile can be fantastic for getting into melee, which against more mobile enemies tends to be an issue. Charger is typically overlooked but can canada goose uk outlet also help canada goose uk shop with the mobile enemies.

All in all, short of dumping CON and your attacking stat Canada Goose Online you can really go wrong.

Blink, Mirror image and Armour of Agathys canada goose outlet toronto factory can all be stacked, giving official canada goose outlet either Canada Goose Coats On Sale extra health or a huge chance to outright avoid being damaged. Arguably acess to Mirror Image and Blink are much more useful than Temporary hitpoints (that would nulify Armour of Agathys since temp hp doesn stack), and in a fight against a single, infinitely more so. Hell, canadian goose jacket you can even stack them with the Darkness/Devil sight canada goose outlet Canada Goose Outlet store uk combo. That gives a 50% chance of not being able to be hit, being a much harder to hit target and a 1 in buy canada goose jacket 4 chance of a uk canada goose outlet sucessful attack hitting an illusion instead.

The trade off is access to Fire Shield. But then it better to not be hit at all than do some extra damage from being hit. Unless the character is the maschosistic type.

They also get Misty escape for when they do canada goose outlet uk cheap canada goose uk sale get hit, buy canada goose jacket cheap allowing them to reposition themselves on the battlefield in a canada goose clearance pinch once per day.

And the immunity to charms makes sure you don get turned loose on your allies.

EDIT: on top of this you don canada goose coats have to prioritise canada goose outlet nyc Charisma, since you don canada goose outlet in usa necissarily use spells with saves or to hit bonuses, allowing you to have a higher Dex for AC and finesse weapons 20 points submitted 7 months ago

There have cheap https://www.thecanadagooseoutlet.com Canada Goose been quite a lot of threads about Warlocks feeling weak. but honestly goose outlet canada the answer is mostly always that the DM does not abide to the 6 8 encounter per long rest guidelines.

If you let players take a long rest after every canada goose outlet shop 1 3 encounters the Warlock are garbage and a Wizard will dominate.

Every time it canada goose outlet the same answer we don have time for 6 8 encounters per session. canada goose outlet store But everyone canada goose outlet black friday forgets that it is just not combat but everything that drains resources is an encounter.