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He then began the 2005 06 season with Blues’ new affiliate

136 (101 This engine had a 216.48 cubic inch (3.5 displacement with a 3.500″ (88.90 bore and a 3.750″ (95.25 stroke. A four bearing crankshaft was added, along with 6.5:1 compression pistons, for 85 (63 A new cylinder head in 1941 increased output to 90 (67 and 6.6:1 compression gave the 1949 model 92 (69 This generation did not use a fully pressurized oiling system. The connecting rods were oiled using an « oil trough » built into the oil pan that had spray nozzles that squirted a stream of oil at the connecting rods (which were equipped with « dippers »), thus supplying oil to the rod bearings..

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