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Organic redox flow batteries could be further classified into two categories: Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries (AORFBs) and Non aqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries (NAORFBs). AORFBs use water as solvent for electrolyte materials while NAORFBs employ organic solvents to dissolve redox active materials. Depending on using one or two organic redox active electrolytes as anode and/or cathode, AORFBs and NAORFBs can be further divided into total organic systems and hybrid organic systems that use inorganic materials for anode or cathode.

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Biosimilars are an integral part of the effective biological therapies available in the EU, said Professor Guido Rasi, EMA. The role of healthcare professionals on the front line of patient care, it is vital that they have access to reliable information on these medicines: what they are and how they are developed, approved and monitored. Guide is a joint initiative of EMA and the European Commission.

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