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Earlier Wednesday, a 7 year old boy died off Lesbos while a 12

Many women suffered from shock or hypothermia and received first aid in a chapel at the port.Greece is the main entry point for people from the Middle East and Africa seeking a better future in Europe. Well over half a million have arrived so far this year.Earlier Wednesday, a 7 year old boy died off Lesbos while a 12 month old girl who had been on the same boat was in critical condition in hospital.Another three children and a man died off the coast https://www.canadagooseoutlet4online.com of Samos, while one woman and two children drowned off the islet of Agathonissi.Greece’s merchant marine minister, Thodoros Dritsas, expressed sorrow about the deaths and called for more coherent European Union policies to stop migrants risking their lives by paying smuggling gangs to ferry them to Greece in unseaworthy craft. »The coast guard’s admirable, constant struggle to rescue refugees at sea is, unfortunately, tending of late to turn into a constant and agonizing operation to locate and recover drowned refugees, » he said. »Europe’s priority should be to safely relocate refugees from their countries of origin and transit to European Union members, » Dritsas added. « Safe passage, EU entry visas on humanitarian grounds, and permits to join family members, study and receive health treatment are solutions that we should all look into very seriously. ».

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