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But when I saw Froot Loops posts here on the forum

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canada goose clearance sale It always been Froot Loops for me. How do I know this? I was born in canada goose outlet washington dc 1985 and some of my earliest memories involve trips to the grocery store with my mom. Even when I was very young, in the late I was highly visual and attentive to detail. I remember the grocery store put up these point of purchase displays for Froot Loops in the produce section. I would notice the way the logo used the loops to make the « Os. » For a time, it was only red, orange and yellow. I found that weird that one « O » was not filled in with cereal. That changed very quickly; green was added, canada goose outlet store uk brining it to four colors in the cereal. For canada goose outlet a while after, in the early I guess, knockoff store brand cereals had just the three flavors, but they eventually caught up to canada goose outlet toronto location the main brand. After that, anything went. Purple came in and the color of the « Os » used in the logo became more random. canada goose outlet london uk Then blue was added (late I guess?). I not sure if other colors have been added since then because I probably haven had Froot Loops since I started high school, which was in 1999. But when I saw Froot Loops posts here on the forum, I always referred to my visual memories of those colored loops in the logo. Side note: Does anyone here remember, as I do, the additional colors being gradually added to the cereal? canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Outlet EDIT: I found an image from the showing how Kellogg incorporated the purple addition, and now I recall this well. After the green was added to the main logo, filling out the four « Os, » the next color (purple) was added as an exclamation point. After blue was added, the color of the loops had to become much more random, because it was six colors at that point. It also has the west coast as not part of Gilead, but there are only two stars on the American flag, so those states must be part of Gilead, at least nominally. There are « pockets of Baptist rebels » in the South. Chicago is hotly contested, with tank battles in the streets, but there is no indication of that on the maps. Also, I had this conversation elsewhere. Everyone thinks their city would go down hard. ALL the major cities would go down hard. Ain no American metropolis going to kneel to a fascist fundamentalist coup. I sure Atlanta would fight. I sure they all would. canada goose outlet price government, Boston became the new capital of Gilead, right? And there is such a surplus of Commanders in this one city neighborhood, really that I begun to assume that it due to it being the seat of power. All the Commanders live there because they doing important canada goose outlet mississauga government business there? And that why all the Handmaids are located in the same city? I mean, speaking of plot holes, the fact that Emily and Janine were brought back to the exact same city, exact same community and exact same group of handmaids makes little sense; wouldn they just stir up more of the same trouble? If this particular group of handmaids had already been laying the groundwork for a rebellion with Emily and Janine, why give them the opportunity to pool their resources once more? The only explanation I can come up with for Gilead bringing Emily and Janine back to Boston instead of, say, Baltimore, is because that the only city where Handmaids even exist. That it the only city Commanders call home and Commanders are the only men « fortunate » enough to have Handmaids. And also. how many handmaids are there total, anyway? 31 died. it looks like that many are left. So we looking at about 60 Handmaids in Gilead total? I mean, yeah, having 50 percent of the handmaid population wiped out is going to be super unattractive if you trying to impress visiting dignitaries from Canada and Mexico, etc. Why else stoop to such extremes as yanking radiated women out of the colonies to try to get them to bear Commanders babies? If there actually WERE handmaids living in other cities, such as Baltimore, why not just shuffle things around and grab one handmaid from each city to replenish the Boston group, just to make things look canada goose outlet winnipeg better and more evened out? Oh and what if some dignitaries from Mexico met Ofglen family and Commander Glen? I mean, WTF are they going to think when they find canada goose coats uk out the whole family is dead? That not going to look good in terms of keeping up appearances. What is canada goose factory outlet canadagooseoutlete toronto location Gilead going to say? « Oh, that whole family went into Witness Protection. » I mean. what? Canada Goose Outlet

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canada goose So why am I seeing polyester and viscose come up so often in more expensive clothes? Namely, brands like Banana Republic, Madewell and LOFT that use 100% polyester all the time. I even seen contemporary designer brands use polyester blends liberally. So what gives? canada goose

canada goose As for why higher end brand still use polyester and other synthetics, it just because they cheap and enough consumers don know/don care that it still profitable for them. So many people purchase clothes for the style canada goose jacket outlet toronto and cut, or even just the brand name, and relatively few are paying attention to material and construction quality. Add to that the fact that synthetics have become so prevalent they basically the norm, to the point that many don even know the benefits of other materials, and that the fast fashion uncle that encourages staying trendy with short lived, disposable fads so that longevity stops becoming a concern, and you have the market today. canada goose

Canada Goose sale You not missing anything, there no discernible difference between a $15 polyester dress and a $5000 one except branding and design. cheap polyester chiffon vs. full linings, bias cut pieces, time consuming seam treatments). Not enough to be worth it to me, but to each their own. Canada Goose sale

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canada goose black friday sale This is my feeling about the current retail market. But why, if a canada goose outlet new york city garment that costs $40 and a garment that costs $200 are essentially the same, should we spring for the $200 one? As a couple of femalefashionadvice Sub Redditors said on a different canada goose outlet london thread, the quality really only goes up if you paying for $300+. So if the $100 $200 brands are on the fast fashion bandwagon AND using cheaper materials and construction (my polyester Madewell jumpsuit has been puckering and losing its shape just like an item from H why would we buy from them? They not giving us investment pieces; they giving us throwaway items just like the cheap fast fashion brands. If we only going to wear it for two seasons max, why spend $200 on it, rather than $40? I guess that sort of the undercurrent of thought motivating my original post. canada goose black friday sale

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canada goose black friday sale Others have alluded to this, but I think it comes down to two different reasons (with opposite implications for the consumer): canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Outlet 1) Some polyester IS actually really high quality. Premium denim, for example, will often include some polyester to prevent sagging and bagging throughout the day. Canada Goose Outlet

Canada Goose Parka 2) Even high end brands want to canada goose outlet uk maximize profits, and if they have determined that a large enough part of their canada goose outlet los angeles customer base doesn’t pay attention to fabric content they’ll use shitty polyester to save $$$. Canada Goose Parka

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canadian goose jacket I was having a long discussion with a friend about this today. To sum it up, retailers have to consider producing garments on a sort of bell curve for sizing. More 8s, 10s and 12s than anything else, because the largest proportion of customers are that size. A smaller proportion for 4s canada goose jacket outlet and 6s, and the smallest run for 0s and 2s. I can speak to 14+ at this time because it canada goose uk out of my area of experience, but basically, 0s and 2s sell the least because American women are not that small. UNLESS they petite. I considering normal height women just aren size 00/0/2 unless they built like supermodels. So who is the size 0 woman in America? She likely also a very short woman. And she alienated by traditional women retailers who shouldn make it their mission to cater to her OR relegate her to online only. She shouldn be treated like a second class citizen, and a traditional retailer like Old Navy probably shouldn be in the petites (or plus) business, anyway. Basically, I think we need to see more dedicated stores (like Petite Studio, hurrah), pop up in the brick canada goose outlet hong kong and mortar world. Regular stores should essentially stop selling 00s, 0s and 2s, because they barely sell any of them anyway, and petite women should be served separately and not treated as afterthoughts. The same is true for plus size women. Universal Standard understands that you cannot simply cut a standard women size garment larger and call it plus; the entire silhouette and sleeve lengths have to change proportionally (just as you would with petites). And I, for one, am already needlessly challenged by the too long sleeves and canada goose uk site the too long pant legs and the too low waists of the 00s that technically fit me. canadian goose jacket

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Canada Goose sale Is there any odor as well? DHS Zinc Shampoo, used twice per week and on the scalp only, is the only thing that has worked for me. I tried Nizoral, all over the counter shampoos (including Neutrogena tar one), and even have gone to the dermatologist for this issue (white flakes and fungal smelling odor). Of course the problem magically went into remission when I was in the exam room canada goose outlet uk fake and the doctor said she couldn smell anything. But it came back. I got it under control with the DHS. And occasionally when I get a bit of the same yeasty odor behind my ears, I use diluted tea canada goose outlet store montreal tree oil on a cotton swab. Canada Goose sale

canadian goose jacket If you have just the flakes, Nizoral works great. canadian goose jacket

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Canada Goose sale She made an intentional decision to say something anyone who knows anything about canada goose outlet in new york the history of comedy (or western culture) would recognize as racist. Canada Goose sale

canada goose deals I disagree with this. I don think a decade ago people would have found this especially racist. I personally of the opinion that racism has much to do with motivation and intent. I also of the opinion that those two things are practically impossible to decipher from less than 50 characters. Furthermore, I don think comparing someone who quite literally resembles an ape to some degree is canada goose outlet usa necessarily making a comment as it pertains to their race. canada goose deals

Canada Goose Parka She might be a racist, idk, I not really up on canada goose outlet vip the story or her past conduct, so if viewing this in isolation is a mistake, then so be it. But I simply disagree that this tweet is inherently racist, and if that the bar for racism, we are seriously undermining the issue. Canada Goose Parka

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canada goose black friday sale Just no. I live in the South. I grew up in the South. I remember hearing racist comments from a teenage boy 20 years ago who called black people « porch monkeys. » This trope been around forever. Since imperialism, since Jim Crow, since whenever white people wanted to prop themselves up as superior to blacks, probably because they felt their own inferiority. Name calling is a cheap schoolyard bullying tactic that leads to violence when sanctioned by canada goose outlet parka adult society. ABC did the best canada goose outlet paypal thing it could have done by cancelling that horrible woman show canada goose black friday sale.