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But annual surveys have yielded interesting tidbits about the

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Today is the start of the monthly Trinity of
See the link below for this week’s big market events:

Inline image 1

For today, we are expecting movements of at least 80 – 130 PIPS movement for the USD pairs and at least 1500 PIPS for XAU/USD (Gold). ADP Non-Farm Employment Change is a big indicator of what will happen to the actual Non-Farm Employment Change on
On Thursday, we are expecting movements of at least 110 – 160 PIPS for the USD pairs and at least 1800 points for XAU/USD (Gold). Unemployment Claims is the second part of the Trinity of
Lastly, on Friday is the actual NFP
​The Trinity of Events is a monthly event that most traders wait
If you need any help, you want to know how to prepare and how to trade with your account during the events, let me know ASAP so that I can put you in my
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