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moncler sale Denis Ten dead: Olympic figure skater medalist stabbed to death in Kazahkhstan aged 25The Kazakh athlete won a bronze medal in the Sochi games in 2014, along with a silver and bronze in the World Championships15:36, 19 JUL 2018Updated16:19, 19 JUL 2018Get daily updates directly to moncler jackets outlet your inbox+ SubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailOlympic figure skater Denis Ten has been stabbed to death aged 25.Ten was rushed to hospital on Thursday after he was found unconscious in the middle of cheap moncler jackets sale a street in Almaty, Kazahkhstan, by members of the public.He had been stabbed in the thigh by two men attempting to steal his car wing mirrors, after a verbal argument turned violent.He died three hours later, despite desperate resuscitation attempts by doctors, having lost three litres of blood. »Unfortunately, he is not with us anymore, » a Kazakhstan government spokesman said. »Denis Yurevich Ten spotted two unknown men who tried to steal mirrors from his car, » Kazakh police said.The Kazakh athlete won a bronze medal in the Sochi games in 2014, along with a silver and bronze in the World Championships.Ten also took part in the PyeongChang Games earlier this year, where he finished 27th. »Denis Ten was moncler sale a great athlete and a great ambassador for his sport. A warm personality and a charming man. Such a tragedy to lose him at such a young age. » said IOC President Thomas Bach.The International Skating Union paid tribute to Ten moncler sale.