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All of this is to say that, as we evaluate any retail IPOs that

The stock hasrecovered somewhat since then, but still is far below what it fetched in its trading debut.At the same time, At Home Group Inc., a home furnishings chain, has enjoyed healthy sales growth and a soaring stock price since its 2016 IPO.All of this is to say that, as we evaluate any retail IPOs that might land in 2018 Farfetch, perhaps? we should be careful not to assume they are destined to the same fate as Blue Apron. Canada Goose is evidence investors will muster enthusiasm for retail IPOs when the strategic plan and the income statement justify it.This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Bloomberg LP and its owners.Sarah Halzack is a Bloomberg Gadfly columnist covering the consumer and retail industries. She was previously a national retail reporter for the Washington Post..

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