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A tow strap comes in handy whether you get stuck in a ditch or

If your partner wants to introduce sex toys into partnered play, this is not likely a commentary on anyone’s inadequacy. Many people enjoy using sex toys with their partners because it introduces a new dimension to the activities they already do and enjoy. Using toys can help partners explore different ways of experiencing pleasure together.

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The, ideal for office environments, features a classic pump style heel design but uses the serrations, perforations, and piece leather look of a wing tip. Many wing tip pumps follow a spectator shoe design scheme as well, and use a darker color leather in the toe box than in the main body of the shoe. The heels may also come with a platform design in the sole for an edgier look..

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Time and again, I found bags she’s used in the past couple of months popping up in paparazzi pictures from 2009 and 2010, which is a much more judicious use of her handbag backlog than many of us can claim. I’ve never been a Kardashian hater (or a Kardashian lover; I am mostly ambivalent), but after spending a few hours putting these photos together, I wouldn’t mind having a cocktail with Kim. Or looking through her closet, at the very least..

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