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40 Canada Goose sale pm when the noise of the engines on the

The Story of 6 Year Old Douglas Spedden Who Survived But Was Killed 3 Years Later

Titanic LifeboatsThis Canada Goose Online is the story of his experiences on the Titanic Lifeboat

Also in the lifeboat were the Spedden family servants Elizabeth Burns who was the nanny of Douglas and Helen Wilson who was the maid of canada goose Daisy Spedden.

canada goose coats on sale That night when the Titanic was sinking Douglas was not afraid as he entered the lifeboat. In fact he slept with his teddy for most of the time as the lifeboat was in the freezing Atlantic Ocean.

canada goose deals First hand account of the Spedden family abandoning ship. Because the Spedden family survived we have first hand accounts of what happened to them as the Titanic hit the iceberg and began to sink. Mr. and Mrs Spedden both spoke to reporters about their experiences.

Elizabeth Burns, nanny to Douglas canada goose uk outlet also tells buy canada goose jacket us how Douglas got on in the lifeboat and what happened when uk canada goose he woke up as lifeboat three came Canada Goose Parka alongside cheap Canada Goose the Carpathia ship which was there to rescue them. Douglas Spedden was a survivor canada goose factory sale of the Titanic which hit an iceberg and sank on 15th April 1912. But he was to die canada goose black friday sale in America when he was canada goose coats only nine years old. This is his story.

Canada Goose online The Spedden FamilyDouglas Spedden was born in New York in America on 19th November 1905. He was the only child of Frederic and Daisy Spedden. They were a very wealthy couple who had their only child when both were quite old to start a family.

Frederick was 39 years old and Daisy was 33 years old Canada Goose Jackets when Douglas was born. The family of Frederic canada goose clearance sale Spedden had made millions of dollars in banking. When Daisy Stone married Frederick canada goose store she too came from a very rich family.

canadian goose jacket Her family had made their fortune in shipping. This couple welcomed their newborn son into a happy life of luxury and travel. They had a home in Tuxedo ParkNew York and a summer residence in Bar Harbor, Maine. During the winter months of the year the family would travel around Europe.

canada goose Their Son Also Accompanied Them

The year of 1911 was no different for Mr. and Mrs Spedden and Douglas as they set cheap canada goose uk off on their European travels. In September of that year the family along with servants Elizabeth Burns and Helen Wilson went to Europe on holiday.

canada goose clearance sale They spent six months travelling around Europe and were in France by March. First Class Tickets had been booked on the new luxury Liner the Titanic which was making her canada goose coats on sale maiden voyage from Southampton to New York on 10 April 1912.

They travelled to Cherbourg on a train from Paris. There on Wednesday 10th April 1912 they boarded the Titanic. Douglas and his nanny Elizabeth were in the first class cabin E 40. Mr and Mrs Spedden were near by in the first class suite E cheap canada goose 34. Helen Wilson who was the maid was in the first class cabin next door to Douglas uk canada goose outlet and his nanny.

Canada Goose Outlet The Titanic The Titanic sailed from Cherbourg on Wednesday 10th April and sailed for Queenstown in CorkIreland. He had been given a ticket as a gift and boarded the Titanic at Southampton.

buy canada goose jacket He was on board as it went to collect passengers at Cherbourg canada goose clearance and when it picked up passengers buy canada goose jacket cheap at Queenstown. https://www.canadagooseonline.org But here his ticket ended and he left the Titanic that day.

canada goose coats He was a very keen photographer and took some canada goose uk shop of the more famous shots on board the Titanic.

Canada Goose Jackets Douglas is playing with a spinning toy as his father looks on. His Nanny is close by too but somewhat obscured in the photo by another passenger in front of the camera.

Young Douglas would have been up and about on the first class deck of the canadian goose jacket Titanic during his voyage for the next few days.

canada goose clearance The IcebergWhen the Canada Goose Outlet iceberg hit the Titanic at 11.40 pm on Sunday 14th April the Spedden family was asleep in their first class cabins. From accounts of the Speddens and their servants this is what happened next.

canada goose store Frederic and Daisy Spedden were woken up at 11.40 Canada Goose sale pm when the noise of the engines on the Titanic came to sudden and screeching halt. This was the crew trying unsuccessfully to avoid hitting the iceberg canada goose uk black friday with the side of the ship.

They both got dressed and left their cabin and tried to find out what had happened. By the time they got back they noticed that the ship was slightly listing to one side. They woke the servants. Young Douglas was woken up and dressed by his Nanny Elizabeth and to keep him calm she told him they were taking a ‘trip to the stars.’

buy canada goose jacket cheap Lifeboat 3

Mr. and Mrs Spedden with their six year old son Douglas, his nanny and the maid Helen all made their way on to the deck of the Titanic. They arrived on the starboard side as lifeboat 3 was taking on all women and children.

Canada Goose Parka Frederic Spedden helped his wife Daisy, his son Douglas and two Servants on to the Lifeboats.

cheap Canada Goose There were no more women and children Canada Goose Coats On Sale on the deck when lifeboat 3 was ready to leave the Titanic and winched down to the water. Frederick Spedden and other male passengers on the deck at the time were allowed to climb into the lifeboat too.

Dead Passengers On board the lifeboat water was slowly seeping in. It was freezing in the Atlantic Ocean that night but the sea was calm. As the night turned into dawn the lifeboat now contained freezing water which came up to the passengers knees.

Canada Goose sale Six year Canada Goose online old Douglas was well wrapped up and slept with his teddy bear until the next morning when dawn came. It is just as well that Douglas did sleep.

He was spared the horrific sight of bodies floating all around the Lifeboats once the Titanic finally sank to the bottom of the ocean at 2.20 am on that terrible morning of 15th April 1912.