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Bad breath

Around 65% of people are affected by Bad breath or halitosis. Morning halitosis is caused by a reduced saliva production during the night and a reduced activity of the tongue and cheeks. A balanced breakfast and regular brushing and flossing usually are enough to regain a fresh breath. . If bad breath persists, there are many potential causes.

  • Inflammation of the gums or gum disease
  • Deficient oral hygiene (lack of brushing or bad technique)
  • The presence of cavities or damaged restorations
  • Breathing using only the mouth
  • Alcohol and tobacco use
  • Lack of saliva production
  • Oral infections such as candidiasis
  • Food getting stuck between teeth
  • The presence of bacteria or food on the tongue.

It is crucial to maintain good oral hygiene and take regular trips to the dentist. If bad breath persists, please contact us. Our team will diagnose the problem and give you guidance and tips to change the situation.