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We have created a list of the most frequently asked question by our patients concerning dental care, insurance and payments. Have a question? Don’t hesistate to contact us.

When should a child see a dentist for the first time? 

The American academy of pediatric dentistry recommends that children see a pediatric dentist around the age of one (or six months after the appearance of their first tooth)

Can a cavity provoke an abscess?

A cavity can cause an abscess, even for a child. It can cause severe inflammation which in worse cases will require hospitalization.

Can sugar free juice cause cavities? 

Juice without added sugar still contains natural fructose from the fruit, which can causes cavities if a child drinks too much of it.

Is nitrous oxide safe?

It is totally safe. It is considered the safest sedation agent for controlling anxiety during a dental or medical treatment. It is a light anesthetic that is completely removed from the system after a session. The benefits of nitrous oxide are strongly recommended to reduce the stress of patients that have certain conditions such as hypertension, angina or have had a heart attack in the past. Unlike a general anesthesia, a sedation using nitrous oxide keeps the patient fully awake.

Is nitrous oxide safe for children?

It absolutely is. Everything is put in place so that your kid willingly accepts dental care. Unfortunately, some kids need sedation in order to go through with it. Nitrous oxide is the safest and easiest treatment for kids. The kids are less scared and anxious with it and it will help dentists do everything in only one appointment. Your child will keep a positive memory of its trip to the dentist.

What is general anesthesia?

At Carrefour dentaire de Laval, we offer a general anesthesia service jointly with the private medical clinic Rockland MD. Since the safety of your child is our absolute priority, all of our interventions are done under the supervision of qualified anesthesiologists from the Montreal Children’s Hospital and from CHU Ste-Justine. This service is offered for kids that are too young to be cooperative on a dentist chair, for extensive restauration services and for kids who are deeply scared of going to the dentist. Furthermore, it helps in offering the best care possible to children with any type of handicap. Please take note that there are fees for general anesthesia.

What is nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide is also called laughing gas. It is used with pure oxygen in order to relieve stress and anxiety. This gas appeases and relaxes the brain.

What is conscious sedation by inhalation?

Under the supervision of Dre Tasnim Alami-Laroussi. ASEQ Member. Reseau Étudiant. A sedation using nitrous oxide will transform stress into a relaxed and appeasing sensation. In a completely safe process, nitrous oxide will put a smile on your face while you are sitting on the dentist chair. This efficient and safe technique has already helped millions of people fight their fears about getting dental care. This gas does not make children sleep. It simply removes all the anxiety. Certain patients describe their experience as a floating sensation during a pleasant dream. For scared and anxious children, nitrous oxide can be the key to helping kids receive adequate dental care.

What is intravenous sedation?

Under the supervision of Dr Farid Amer-Ouali. The specialty program in maxillofacial surgery has a dedicated formation in anesthesiology. The surgeon can control pain and anxiety using intravenous anxiolytics and analgesics. The medication used will make your anxiety disappear and you will be less aware of your surroundings. It’s an altered state of mind in which you lose the notion of time. You won’t feel the local anesthesia in your mouth. At the end of the intervention, you will regain your normal consciousness having no memory of what happened.