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Oral surgery

Orthognathic surgery

Using orthognathic surgery, a maxillofacial surgeon can reestablish face balance by working on the bones that support the teeth. This type of surgery is recommended when you have obstruction problems caused by a disharmony between...
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Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the third molars. They are located completely in the back of the mouth and their main purpose is mastication. They usually appear between the age of 16 and 25. Due to limited...
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Root canals (called endodontics therapy in dentistry) help us to preserve a tooth while avoiding extraction when the pulp of the tooth is infected, or damaged by a deep cavity or an accident. It consists...
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Surgical tooth exposure

It is possible to expose a tooth that is completely or partially hidden under the gums in order to help its eruption. Sometimes, the dentist can install a clip to pull a tooth in order...
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Periodontal diseases are bacterial infections that attack and destroy tissues that surround and support teeth. 90% of people will have a periodontal disease once in their life. Gums and bone are affected in various degrees....
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