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Esthetics dentistry

Teeth whitening

Teeth can be covered in plaque or calculus that is caused by tobacco, coffee, tea or red wine. Usually removing calculus and polishing is enough to remove most of those imperfections. In some bad scenarios...
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Zoom Whitening

This safe and efficient technique is offered in clinic only. Your teeth will be whiter and will be for years. One or two sessions will whiten your teeth up to four shades. It is essential...
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There are two types of dental veneers. Composite veneers: a composite resin (white filling) is fixed on a specific tooth to change its color, shape or orientation. It offers very satisfying results and  is quicker...
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Orthodontics helps verify and correct dentofacial structures that are either growing (kids and teenagers) or fully matured (adults). It can also prevent, diagnose and treat any anomalies linked to these structures. Orthodontics puts the teeth...
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